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ThermaFY Protect Scanning Stations

ThermaFY Protect specialise in building management and temperature screening solutions.

Our screening station is a single digital touchpoint that can capture and analyse a wide range of data as people enter and exit a building. Each station has a built-in thermal imaging camera, RFID and QR code reader which can be used for check-ins. The station operates automatically by displaying instructions and data on the screen, reducing staffing costs. 

Real-time management records of temperature checks, mask wearing and people flow help improve adherence to health and safety policies. This creates a safer environment for staff, patients, customers and visitors.  

thermafy protect screen

Fully Customisable Solutions

Our building management and temperature screening software can be customised to fit a variety of customer needs. Whether it’s for monitoring your staff entering the premises on a regular basis,  or customers checking-in to an appointment safely, we have the perfect solution for you.

Please contact the team to discuss your bespoke requirements.

ThermaFY Scanning Stations Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Proprietary Features

  • Single, multi-purpose touchpoint for your business to engage with patrons.
  • High-resolution thermal camera for accurate temperature points on a person’s forehead.
  • Touch-free, stress-free temperature checks with a discreet elevated temperature alarm and instructions on what to do if a person has a fever.
  • 24/7 availability without staff needing to operate it, reducing labour costs.
  • Advanced image processing to identify mask-wearing and capture a variety of data as people enter and exit a building.
  • Built-in hand sanitiser dispenser.
  • Integrated RFID and QR Code readers to identify different groups of people e.g. check-in staff with ID cards and customers with appointment letters.
thermafy protect screen
Thermal temperature scanning - Analytics and Reporting
  • Built-in hand sanitiser dispenser.
  • Web dashboard to view all check-in and temperature screening data.
  • Analyse the dynamics of people arriving at your building to identify times where social distancing may be difficult and times where capacity is available. Security can monitor the number and types of people in a building at any one time. Staff IDs can be used to track work patterns and staff adherence to health and safety policies.
  • Customisr the digital display screen to share the latest information and updates for visitors.
  • Secure data processing.
  • COMING SOON – Track and trace solution for visitors.
  • COMING SOON – Staff questionnaire system for symptom screening.

ThermaFY Protect at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Watch the video below to learn about how our screening stations are being used for Covid-19 risk management in a busy hospital:

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