Why every AI start-up should be managing their impact

Fantastic article, written by Natalie Tucker, Impact Manager, Social Tech Trust, talking about how AI start-ups can understand, and capitalise on, the enormous potential opportunity that artificial intelligence and machine learning holds for social impact.

Reflecting on her impact management journey, 2019 AI for Good participant and CEO of ThermaFY, Amanda Pickford said:

“It has fundamentally changed our business. We were creating great features and functionality for the user of our product, but during the programme we drilled down on our customer, this highlighted that their needs were different to our users. We have now developed a much more robust business that addresses the needs of both our customers and their customers (users). But more importantly, this programme also made us focus on the wider societal and environmental impacts our software will have. This has completely changed the narrative of our business and I think this is why we are now seeing greater traction.”

Next year’s programme will run for four months from January 2020, giving participants the opportunity to learn from resident experts at Microsoft, Social Tech Trust, and other selected partners.

Read the full article here.

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