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Wind turbines and solar panels for net-zero carbon emissions

Net-Zero by 2050: How Has Covid-19 Affected Progress?

How has Covid-19 affected our progress towards being a net-zero society? The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated the vast scale of the climate crisis. With fewer planes flying, fewer cars on the road and offices closed, the pandemic is giving us…
Heat as a Service

What is Heat as a Service?

The Heat as a Service (HaaS) Model Currently, UK energy suppliers can only sell energy to customers in strict units of fuel, called kilowatt-hours (kWh). The customer pays for the fuel (electricity, oil or gas) to heat their home. Heat…
Carbon Emissions

The Transition to Decarbonised Heating

UK Heating Carbon Emissions Heating is the UK’s number one source of carbon emissions, producing about 1/3 of the UK’s total. This includes the heating of properties, hot water, cooking/catering and industrial heating processes. The UK and EU have the…
Net Zero target - budget 2020

The Budget 2020 and its Environmental Goals

Today brought the first Budget of the decade from the UK government. It included work planned and budgeting for addressing areas of environmental concern in the heating and energy sector. The Budget includes a range of policies designed to ensure…
heat pumps- heating without CO2

Heat Pumps – Heating Without CO2 Production

What is a Heat Pump? A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy from one point to another. This heat transfer does not involve combustion and for this reason, they issue no CO2. They use electricity to transfer…
ThermaFY win highly commended innovation award

ThermaFY Win Highly Commended Innovation Award

ThermaFY are delighted to have won the Highly Commended Innovation Award at the 5th annual Knowledge Exchange Awards run by Interface. The Innovation award praised the work we have carried out through the business/academic partnership we have with Fife College.…