Heating Efficiency Toolkit

ThermaFY will revolutionise boiler installations and improve compliance with industry regulations.
Specialist software enables heating engineers to quickly and easily identify issues, automatically complete forms, and create efficiency reports for entire heating systems
    ThermaFY Delivers:
  • Standardised Installations
  • Online Mandatory Forms
  • Standardised Installations
  • Online Mandatory Forms
  • Standardised Installations
  • Online Mandatory Forms


ThermaFy’s Revolutionary Features

Automated online benchmark forms, designed for engineers and utilising image recognition software to automatically complete the forms


Clear and easy to understand thermal images showing the percentage of sediment within the system before and after the system is cleaned



Heating efficiency report showing if the system is performing at its optimum level, empowering home owner to make informed decisions


Standardised installation and services utilising online records to provide the history of the boiler and system throughout its lifetime



Simple thermal images that provide multiple temperature readings to help balance every radiator for an efficient system


Accredited online training on thermal imaging, fault finding and balancing, ensuring the software integrates easily into everyday work



Standardised boiler commissioning to maintain the lifecycle and efficiency of the boiler and help validate the warranty


Simple dashboard that enables the visualisation of issues, improvements and trends within the heating industry