ThermaFY Heating Efficiency Software

Turning the Invisible into Visible and Measurable Data

ThermaFY Heating Efficiency Software

Energy Efficiency Rating

ThermaFY heating efficiency software focuses on tackling heating inefficiencies, with cutting edge thermal analysis software for the housing industry, combining thermal data, machine learning and image analysis to provide real-time reports.

+ Accuracy

+ Assurance

+ Accountability



Real time thermal image analysis, accurate to +/- 0.5 c to provide quick visual & measured results

Analyses over 40,000 data points per image to provide quantifiable measurements

Automating the capture of data to save time, whilst reducing human error

Thermafy heating efficiency software


Quickly identify issues to ensure a heating system’s maximum efficiency

Validate improvements through automated before-and-after images

Visual evidence & informed discussion between the resident and engineer builds trust and transparency


Delta T, Dashboard, Report, MOT, Forms, Thermal Imaging Training

Comprehensive Online Toolbox

Online records providing history of a heating system throughout its lifetime, creating a system MOT

Visualisation of environmental improvements and trends within the heating industry

Comprehensive back office suite allows management to collate, identify and action their findings

ThermaFY Heating Efficiency Software - Reports

Thermafy heating efficiency software

Simple, easy to understand visual report with energy efficiency rating before and after issues rectified

Overall average system temperature and accurate individual radiator temperatures to highlight issues

Delta T values to enable a visual overview for quicker and easier balancing