ThermaFY Training Modules

We have a number of training modules available to help you use ThermaFY software with your thermal imaging camera. All our training modules are mobile friendly.

We are always adding to our collection, so if you have any suggestions for other training, please get in touch!

Your Thermal Imaging Camera

ThermaFY Training - Your Thermal Imaging Camera

Get to know your FLIR One Pro camera by starting with the basics and learn how to get set up and ready to use ThermaFY software.

This module covers charging your camera and the camera parts, as well as downloading the app and registering for ThermaFY software.

Taking Photos and Creating Jobs

ThermaFY Training - Taking Photos and Creating Jobs

See how you can take thermal images and store them in your gallery in the cloud.

Learn how to create multiple timelines with your thermal images using Jobs. Store your customers’ details, label all your images, give them a description, and track changes over a period of time.

There is a handy download at the end of this module as a quick reminder of the process.

Analysing Radiator Thermal Images

ThermaFY Training - Analysing thermal images

Can you tell the difference between air in the system or sediment in your thermal radiator images?  Learn how to spot the difference in this short module.

After completing the training, take the fun, quick quiz to make sure you know your stuff!

Heating Efficiency Surveys

ThermaFY Training - Heating Efficiency Surveys

Learn how to create heating efficiency surveys using your thermal imaging camera and ThermaFY software.

Create reports and use these to visually explain to customers why any work is required, then show them the difference your work has made once completed.

There is a handy download at the end of this module as a quick reminder of the process.